Advans Adria is a full service media agency. Our media services include media planning, media buying and optimization for entire ATL scope including both traditional and digital media.

Media planning and strategy is our core business and our main strength. We analyse all available data and redefine the communication to get the best ROI.  This is how our clients know that they are getting the best solution.

In our advertising strategies, we implement a full range of classical and digital media reflecting an enormous bulk of analysed data.

Except on domicile croatian market we are designing and executing advertising strategies also for numerous foreign markets and we can follow our clients to every regional market they want to develop or expand.

As an independent agency we continually react to changes within the industry to ensure we’re able to bring new innovations and ideas to our clients.

Our clients tell us that the media service we deliver, gives them the feeling like we’re an extension of their team.  Making such successful brands feel part of our team and making us feel like a part of the client team is in our essence, this is our core and this is what we’re most passionate about.

We have worked on brands from the worlds of car industry, pharmaceutical, retail, finance, telecommunications, fashion, business, food etc.. We have created long lasting relationships with our clients. This is a very proof of the data and result driven work that our team consistently delivers.   

Over the years we have helped start-ups develop and seen them grown in established brands. Every client is the most important client, no matter the budget volume.

Our approach is an individual one, client by client basis to ensure best value and tailor made strategies. This concept is more time consuming but we truly put our client’s best interests first.

We provide:

  • Full media service and a full range od digital services for our direct clients.
  • Full media service for local agencies that aren’t specialised in media planning/buying.
  • Media buying and negotiations for other agencies on specific media types.
  • Communication and media strategies.


Advans Adria d.o.o.
Ivana Zahara 5,
10000 Zagreb
Tel +385 95 2100 845